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Hoist Installations

Timco Hoist Services offers installation services any lift we sell. As well as on other new and used lifts. Please contact us to get a quote specific to your needs.

We pride ourselves on the service we provide. As such, our installation services are top notch. We follow all guidelines and install the equipment to manufacturer specifications to ensure the safety of your employees, the vehicle and your investment.

To make the quoting process faster, please be aware of the following:

Overall Length of Bay

Overall Width of Bay

Ceiling Height

Width of Overhead Door

Distance from Door to Front of Bay/Bench/Toolbox

Concrete Depth 

Any Major Floor Cracks or Expansion Joints

In Floor Heating or other In Ground Hazards


Hoist / Shop Moves

We will move hoists and other equipment if you happen to be moving locations, or even just wish to move bays around in your current shop. 

Please note, that lifts being moved must meet current ALI Specification in order to be re-installed. If they do not meet current  specifications, we cannot re-install the lift. 

We also re-locate tire changers, wheel balancers and aligners. As well as other shop equipment you may want moved.

Please contact us to get pricing for your move.

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