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Hoist Inspections

Timco Hoist Services offers many different inspection services depending on your specific needs. 

Annual Hoist Inspections are recommended following  the Canadian Government's guidelines. These must be completed by a third party inspection company like ourselves. This inspection is where we call out any repairs needed in order to obtain the yearly certification sticker. This is the sticker that OHS and WorkSafe look for. With ALI Certified Inspector you can rest assured that we provide top tier inspection services. With our Annual Hoist Inspections we follow all protocols and inspect all components on the lift. Visually inspecting and testing for signs of fatigue and stress. Checking fasteners for proper torque we ensure the lift is safe for use, to protect your staff and equipment.

Monthly Hoist Inspections are a great way to keep the yearly maintenance expenses lower. These will help to keep your employees safe as well. These can be completed by us, or we can provide training to your technicians to perform them in house.

Pre-Operation Inspections. Checkpoints to ensure safe daily operation of the lift will help longevity of the lift, as well as keep your technicians safe. 

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