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Max. Rim Diameter                   12"-30"

Max. Tire Width                         15" (380mm)

Max. Rim Width                        13" (330 mm)

Max. Wheel Diameter               47" (1200 mm)

Wheel Lift Capacity                   154 lbs (70kg)

Standard Power Supply            230V 1Ph 50/60Hz 16A

Air Pressure Required              116-174 PSI (8-12 BAR)

Footprint (W x D x H)                58" x 73" x 74" 

Shipping Weight                       1047 lbs (475 kg)

Hofmann Monty 8700

The monty® 8700 tire changer was developed for maximum shop productivity and superior service quality for shops that work with run-flat and high-performance tires. It features an easy-to-use center post design that reduces the risk of wheel damage and accommodates a wide range of wheel sizes.

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Bead Pusher Technology
Integrated bead pusher assists in the mount process of the upper bead.


Intuitive Control Panel
Simple, color-coded control panel matches machine operating procedures.


Center Post Clamp
Traditional center post design accommodates a wide range of wheel sizes.


Innovative and fast mount/demount system with simple controls for precise tool positioning to prevent tire damage and technician injury.


Dynamic Bead Breaker System
Synchronized dual disks for precision positioning on upper and lower beads with adjustable tilt for hard sidewall tires.


Top Side Bead Seater
Ergonomic nozzle injects high-speed air blast into the tire, rising the bead to seal the tire to the rim.


smartSpeed™ Technology
Continuously controls mount/demount conditions to provide optimum torque/ speed combination, from 7 to 20 RPM.


Integrated Wheel Lift
Pedal operated wheel lift assists technicians in lifting and positioning heavy tires, helping to reduce fatigue and increase productivity.

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