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Motorized                         Yes

Wheel clamping               QuickNut

Diameter of shaft             40 mm

Measuring speed             < 100 rpm

Balancing accuracy         0.035 oz

Angular resolution           ± 0,35°

Length of shaft                225 mm

Rim diameter range        8" - 32"

Offset range                    1" - 20"

Rim width range              1" - 20"

Max wheel diameter       37.8 inch

Max. wheel weight          154 lbs

Input power (VAC)          230 VAC 1Ph 50/60 Hz

Dimensions LxWxH        43.3" x 39.6" x 67.4"

Hofmann Geodyna 7100

The geodyna® 7100 offers space-saving usability, with belt-driven one-spin balance, the VPI measuring system, user-friendly 2D SAPE data entry and an intuitive control panel.

Part Number:  


Small footprint


Semi-automatic input of offset and rim diameter via 2D SAPE


Manual input of rim width


Conspicuous and intuitive LED display


Imbalance minimization and optimization programs


VPI measurement technique for uncompromised accuracy


QuickBal for reduced measurement time:
Short start-stop cycle time: 6.5 seconds (15" rim)


Measuring speed < 100 rpm


Wheel guard


Clamping of wheel on integrated flange with quick nut

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