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Wheel Size (AC200)   12" - 24"

Tire Size (AC400)       19" - 39"

Power supply 115 VAC 1Ph 50/60 Hz

Track width                  48" - 96"

Wheel base                 79" - 180"

Hofmann Geoliner 678

Introducing the latest addition to the Hofmann® Imaging Alignment family - the geoliner® 678 Imaging Wheel Aligner.

Designed with the technician in mind, this wheel aligner offers advanced technology with the most intuitive software to give any alignment technician the tools needed for an easy and fast alignment.

Part Number:  

With AC400 Clamps, VIN Reader & Ethos Edge - EEWA715TBEE3

With AC400 Clamps & VIN Reader - EEWA715TBV3

With AC200 Clamps, VIN Reader & Ethos Edge - EEWA715THEE3

With AC200 Clamps & VIN Reader - EEWA715THV3

Fast & Easy to Use

New, intuitive software is designed together with technicians to provide the core alignment functions, only one click away


Complete alignment process with minimal steps resulting in more alignments per day


Compensate, Warn, Alert diagnostic system feature is for detecting and, where possible, compensating errors without interrupting the alignment process​

Advanced Features

Automatic Tracking – Cameras follow the vehicle as it is raised and lowered reducing time spent at the console

Video Speed Camera – Allows faster compensation reducing wait time

Live Readings – No need to remeasure

Intelligent Software Tools

EZ-Toe – Allows adjustment of the critical Front Individual Toe without locking the steering column resulting in a level steering wheel

Rolling Radius – Checks for mismatched tire sizes, alerting possible mechanical failure (AWD)

Cross Diagonal – Checks for vehicle structural damage alerting possible additional repair

Adjustment Assistance – Shows where the adjustments are on the vehicle

AC400 Touchless Wheel Clamps

Touchless Design – Provides secure clamping with no wheel contact

Fast Setup – Get your readings faster. No adapters required!

Cloud Services & Online Report Management

Provides quick access to vehicle specifications and repair information, ADAS guide, technical service bulletins, recall information, TPMS information, sensor reset information, firmware updates and much more

Fast and easy software and vehicle specification updates

Access, print, email or text aligner reports

Body Shop Vehicle Check

Combined measurements help discover hidden damage before starting the alignment process

Measurements include: cross diagonal, vehicle track width and wheel base, front & rear set back, and axle offset

Specialized reports provide clear communication to body shop partners

Standard Accessories 

Wheel Clamps

Brake Pedal Depressor

Color Inkjet Printer

Steering Wheel Holder

Two Wheel Chocks

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