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Capacity                                      18000 lbs

Lifting times                                 70 s

Lifting height                                72 inch

Power supply                               230 VAC 1Ph 50/60 Hz

Weight                                         5465 lbs

4 Wheel Alignment Wheelbase   86" - 144" inch

2 Wheel Alignment Wheelbase   203" inch

Air Supply Requirements             90 - 120 Psi

Front Accessibility                        closed

Overall Length                             303.375 inch

Service Wheelbase                     220 inch

Overall Width                              152.125 inch

Runway Width                             24 inch

Hofmann 18k 4 Post

Hofmann’s 4-Post Alignment Lift offers 18,000 lbs of lifting capability and a lifting system that provides for high-wear resistance and a smooth gliding operation. The 18k 4-Post Alignment Lift features 21 positions for maximum flexibility.

Part Number:  


Alignment level at twenty positions


24” (60.96cm) Pro-Style decks for wide-track vehicles and no deck adjustment


High performance 9/16” Ø, 6 x 37 lifting cables provide durability and added safety


Larger 8” pulleys with high performance fiber wound bushings for less wear and longer cable life


Dura-Glide lifting system integrates low wear, ultra high molecular weight polyethylene glide blocks to ensure long term alignment accuracy and smooth operations


Large profile columns have extra internal reinforced forms to spread and support the load


Built in anti-sway system


Hidden lifting cylinder mount under the runway adds accessibility and is protected from vehicle damage

Hydraulic protection with pressure compensating flow control and velocity fuse check system


65” full floating rear slip plates


Stainless air lock release cylinders for each column


Long 50” approach ramps provide gentle 10° drive-on angle for lower profile vehicles


Filter/Regulator/Lubricator (FRL) protects air systems


Certified and approved to the current ANSI/ALI lift standard

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