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Outer-Clamping Diameter                10"-24" (250 - 609.6 mm)

Inner-Clamping Diameter                 12"-24" (304.8 - 609.6 mm)

Maximum Wheel Width                    15" (380 mm)

Maximum Tire Diameter                   53" (1,346 mm)

Compressed Air Supply                   110-170 PSI (7.6-11.7 BAR)

Adjustable Four Claw Clamp            Included

Integrated Bead-Seating Jets           Included

Pressure Timer                                 Included

Twin Cylinder Turntable Clamping    Included

Rotation Speed                                CW 7-18 | CCW 7 RPM

Bead Breaker Power                        2,700 lbs (12 kN)

Bead Breaker Range                        1.7" - 16.3" (43-414 mm)

Recommended Floor Space             53.3" x 46.1" x 80.75" 

Shipping Weight                               750 lbs (340 Kg)

Power Requirements                        230V 1Ph 50/60Hz 16A

Hofmann Monty 1675 SmartSpeed

The Hofmann® 1675 tire changing system is ideal for handling passenger cars, light trucks and high-performance wheel/tire assemblies. Ergonomic design and safety enhancing features provide the technician a safe workspace when changing a variety of tires. Locking mount/demount head offset provides maximum cosmetic safety for expensive wheels and significantly reduces the risk of harming wheel/tire assemblies.

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Robust, Professional Design

Precision cast and machined shoes with robust cast jaws make for precise, slop free clamping


Heavy-duty pneumatic valves are simple to operate and offer intuitive functionality


Powerful electric motor generates 1200Nm of torque to the table top to mount stiff, difficult tires

smartSpeed™ Model

Automatically minimizes damage to tires


Innovative, patented technology that optimizes the torque applied to the wheel and automatically sets the maximum rotation speed of the wheel


Variable from 7 to 18 RPM; offering the highest possible speed for maximum productivity


Ergonomic, Hand Operated Bead Breaker Control

Newly designed bead breaker is easy to use and prevents the technician from having to straddle the assembly during bead breaking


Integrated Pressure Limiter

Stops air flow once pressure has reached 55 PSI (3.5 Bar) preventing accidental tire over-inflation


Mount/Demount Head

Locking of the mount/demount head offset, which provides maximum cosmetic safety for expensive wheels and significantly reduces the risk of harming wheel/tire assemblies


Tire Lifting Tool

Integrated bead pusher assists in the mount/demount process of the upper bead. Tire lifting tool aids the technician with the demounting process


Swing-Arm Configuration

Quick and easy setup. Stays within a compact footprint, even with larger tire sizes. Provides an ergonomic tire changing position

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