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Capacity                                      14000 lbs

Lifting times                                 70 s

Lowering times                            70 s

Lifting height                                74 inch

Power supply                               230 VAC 1Ph 50/60 Hz

Weight                                         4850 lbs

4 Wheel Alignment Wheelbase   70" - 158" inch

2 Wheel Alignment Wheelbase   188" inch

Air Supply Requirements             90 - 120 Psi

Front Accessibility                       open

Overall Length                             270.625 inch

Service Wheelbase                     205 inch

Overall Width                              140.5 inch

Runway Width                             22 inch

Hofmann 14k 4 Post

14K open front, four-post alignment lifts give you 14,000 lbs of heavy-duty lifting capacity in a compact package with no need for multiple lifts. Whether it is a micro car or a heavy-duty pickup, the 14K four post alignment lift has four wheel alignment capabilities that cover a full range of vehicle requirements. Industry leading 90" long rear slip plates eliminate time-consuming repositioning of front turnplates to accommodate shorter and longer vehicles during four wheel alignment adjustments.

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Easy Access For Alignment Service and Calibration

Open front design allows technicians clear access to suspension, brake and alignment components; making adjustment and repairs simple


22" wide "Pro-Style" runways save time when loading vehicles of any track width

Low-Profile Roller Jacks

Interchangeable fast fit adapters for brake, tire and alignment services; air over hydraulic controls requiring only 90 - 120 PSI air pressure; high lifting height; no requirement to swing away for storage

Rear Slip Plates

Maintenance reduced


Encapsulated bearing


Flush mount


90" long

Reinforced Formed Front Steel Columns

Dramatically improves column strength

Premium Turnplates*

Includes lights and locks on the front turnplates and full floating rear slip plates

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