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Tower technology                             Swing arm

Inner Clamping Range                     12"-22" (30.5-55.9 cm)

Outer Clamping Range                    10"-20" (25.4-50.8 cm)

Rim width                                          3"-12" (7.6-30.5 cm)

Maximum Tire Width                        13" (33 cm)

Maximum Wheel Diameter               39" (100 cm)

Speed                                               7 RPM

Bead Breaking Range                      3"-13" (7-34 cm)

Compressed Air Supply                   115-175 PSI (8-12 BAR)

Dimensions                                       45.3" x 40.6" x 68"

Weight                                              381.4 lbs (173 kg)

Power Supply                                   115V 1Ph 50/60Hz

Hofmann Monty 1270

The Hofmann® monty® 1270 innovative tire changer for general repair shops. Swing-arm design with a small footprint and 20" outside clamping capability.

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Strong rugged design ensures long service life


Mounting arm swings to the side allowing space saving installation directly against a wall


Double acting bead breaker cylinder allows precise handling of rims


Large anti-ski rubber protective pad on bead breaker head protects tires and rims


Plastic protectors on mount/demount head protects delicate alloy rims


Mount/demount head is manually adjusted for non-rim contact operation


Tire lever included

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